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Jennifer Stephens


Just over 4 years ago I read an article in the Times2 about this new exercise thing called CrossFit that was in the UK and gaining popularity, I was intrigued so fired up google and found the CrossFit Liverpool website, there was a load of pictures and a video too and within about 10 minutes I decided I HAD to give it a try. After my first WOD I was hooked, I haven’t looked back and can’t really see myself doing anything different exercise-wise. It’s not just the fact that every day is different, weightlifting, running, rowing, kettlebell work, gymnastic – I could go on(!!!), but it’s the people, the coaches are brill – really knowledgeable and the other members too, we all know each other, we all look out for each other and in the cheesiest way, they’re definitely like a gym family or something, it’s hard to put it exactly into words, but there’s something there believe me. Oh and don’t forget the gym dogs Atlas & Aura they’re part of the gang too!!

Over the last 4 years I’ve found myself doing things I never thought I would, or had never even thought about doing before really, from zero pull ups to pull ups, from an empty barbell to well over my body weight on the bar, times coming down, reps going up and that sweet feeling when I nail a lift or get a benchmark WOD PB it really is addictive.


It never stops, as soon as you reach one goal the focus shifts and it’s “what’s next”. The variety of CrossFit keeps me interested and hungry for success and achievement, it’s CrossFit Liverpool that keeps me going back.


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